Clinical Specialties : Oncology and Robotics

Oncology and Robotics

Urologic oncology is the field of medicine concerned with the research and treatment of cancers of the urinary system for both genders, as well as those affecting the male sexual organs.

Robotic surgery, usually using the da Vinci robotic-surgery system, is increasingly popular with patients scheduled for cancer operations and other procedures involving gynecological, urological, thoracic or cardiac surgery. Because it is performed through a few small incisions in the body, robotic surgery has the advantage of being precise and offers faster recovery times, less scarring and better outcomes for many operations.

The UM Urology Department has been chosen as an epicenter for case observation for surgeons from both within the USA and all over the world to come, observe and learn from us to do robotic surgeries for prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. Chosen by Intuitive Surgery, the company that manufactures and markets the robots in the USA and most of the world.