About Us

About Us


Thank you for your interest in the University of Miami, Department of Urology. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatments and procedures, as well as the innovative medical technologies make our department, a world-class urologic destination. We treat urologic problems with compassion, attentiveness, and expertise. Our excellence in health care is broadly supported by our high-caliber professional staff of physicians, scientists, technicians, and nurses. With an ample range of subspecialties, cutting-edge procedures, and non-invasive treatments, our department of Urology offers expertise in every urologic area. We now invite you to read more about us…

The Chairman of the University of Miami Department of Urology , Dipen J. Parekh, M.D.,M.P.A. is among the world’s most experienced robotic surgeons for urologic oncology. An expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all urologic malignancies, he performs robotic cancer surgeries on the prostate, the kidney and the bladder, as well as the most complex and major open cancer surgeries. With a deep interest in delivering the highest quality patient care, he strongly believes that every patient needs a personalized, therapeutic approach tailored specifically for them, and their cancer. “Each patient hopes for successful treatment, but I believe hope is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice! The people of South Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America, deserve an exceptional urology program that offers cutting-edge clinical care,” says Dr. Parekh.

Our MISSION is three fold:

  • To deliver excellence in clinical care
  • To improve patient care through cutting edge research
  • To empower the next generation of urologists

Excellence in clinical care is our unmatched priority. We have assembled the largest group of fellowship-trained, sub-specialty leaders in the region Many of these experts have been recruited from first-class institutions and have been sought after both nationally and globally. These clinicians have a proven track record of excellence in clinical care, catering to individual needs and following the time-tested adage of treating each patient like they were their own “family”. Our close collaboration with radiology, pathology, medical oncology, and several other departments is fundamental in obtaining the best overall diagnosis and treatments for our patients. We believe that you and your doctor engage in a very important partnership when you come to the University of Miami Department of Urology. Should you find yourself in need of surgery, our doctors have a proven track- record of experience, judgment, and technical skills that have given them international acclaim for excellence. In fact, many of the cutting- edge surgical techniques that are now being used in cancer surgery, reconstruction, incontinence procedures, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, as well as prosthetic urology have been developed right here in our department.

Cutting edge research will not only change the way we practice medicine, but will change the standard of care. Our basic science researchers and physician scientists are diligently working to bring cutting edge technologies from the bench-side to the bedside- Conducting robust clinical trials, investigating new drugs, and looking into devices to improve positive outcomes for both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions.

Much remains to be learned about many urologic disorders. It is only through research that a new treatment may be deemed to be safe and effective. We believe that the diverse research that we perform at the University of Miami Department of Urology, gives our patients the opportunity to be treated with the most contemporary, cutting -edge treatments available anywhere!

Empowering the next generation of Urologists is accomplished by offering comprehensive training covering all aspect of Urology such as:

  • Academic conferences
  • Clinical mentorship,
  • Research instruction
  • Accredited urologic education
  • Sub-specialty and fellowship training

We have one of the largest and most highly acclaimed residency- training programs in the country at UM Urology. We also train a number of post- graduate fellows who are interested in pursuing specialty recognition, such as in Urologic Oncology (cancer) or Minimally Invasive /Robotic Surgery. All of our trainees are full- fledged Doctors of Medicine (M.D.), who are training to be board-certified urologists and urologic specialists. While there is graduated responsibility during the course of their training, ultimately your physician is solely responsible for your care.

Our housestaff and fellows come from very diverse backgrounds. This diversity gives us the ability to compare various aspects of care at the University of Miami to other centers both in the US and globally. It is a very special relationship that we have with our housestaff. The constant professional interchange that we have keeps our faculty fresh, and allows us to develop new ideas and innovations to improve medical care. By training future urologists and urologic specialists, we continue to make our mark on the future of health care worldwide.

Education does not stop at the resident and fellowship training level. We also believe that by working with the physicians in our community, we may help keep the quality of regional urologic care in South Florida at an extremely high level. Local meetings and conferences are constantly being planned, which offer a means for interaction and continuing medical education for the private urological providers within our community. Referrals for all the complex patients and those patients wanting second opinions are welcomed. Collaboration with our colleagues and friends is fundamental to our mission of empowering the future generations of urologists.

We hope that this glimpse into our department has been helpful in introducing ourselves to you. The University of Miami Department of Urology is committed to making your visit the best that it can be!

For an appointment, please call 305-243-4000.